Our Vision for Mankind

DRAFT™ envisions a world where workers no longer have to sacrifice comfort for safety when it comes to wearing respiratory protective equipment. Face masks have been used for thousands of years to protect people from respiratory irritants, hazards and disease, and today’s respirators have safety down to a science, so why hasn’t anyone figured out how to make wearing them less miserable? That’s the question that keeps DRAFT™ engineers up at night and hard at work during the day.

Through tireless innovation, DRAFT™ engineers have created patent pending technology that moves

Respiratory Equipment From Tolerable to Comfortable™

and will encourage a new generation of personal protective equipment. Our devices are designed to protect workers in industries like manufacturing, construction and health care and encourage compliance with PPE regulations and recommendations. By diverting exhaled air out of the breathing cavity, our devices significantly reduce heat, humidity, and buildup of Co2 and aerosols.