Shelley VanStee

Position : Director of Communications

My Education

Bachelor of Communications

University of Michigan

Masters in Special Education

Grand Valley State University

What I Can Bring to DRAFT ™

My vast educational experience, along with work experience, has given me the skills necessary for success.  Managerial experience, computer skills, communications, and marketing experience make me well rounded in the areas necessary to be successful.  Throughout my career, I wrote successful grant requests, managed adults and children with special needs, and have taken social media marketing courses to stay current on today’s trending marketing platforms.  I have done editing for an up and coming new author, as well as writing and editing for a local business.  My interpersonal skills working with a variety of people, on a variety of different tasks, allows me the opportunity to work with and help as many people as possible.

That is my goal, to help as many people as possible, showing them how to make life easier.  I am eager to bring an affordable and more comfortable breathing apparatus to the market which will allow worldwide life-saving opportunities.  Working with DRAFT™, to help save lives, while utilizing skills acquired through past experiences, will be a dream come true and I am honored to be part of the DRAFT™ team.