Deborah Millard

Position : Founder & CEO

My Education:

Bachelor of Arts in Business, with emphasis in Finance and Operational Management
1988 Calvin University, Grand Rapids, MI

My Previous Relevant Experience:

DRAFT, Founder and Sole Member

Dalton & Mackenzie, LLC, Founder and Sole Member, DBA: 2 Advanced Mechanical Design

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, New York, NY

BDO Seidman, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Executive Secretary to Craig Wierda, Brother-in-law to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

What I Can Bring to DRAFT ™.

My past education, business management and development of organizations from scratch has fostered a well-rounded business approach. I take into account and understand all areas within an organization to allow for oversight and the creation of strategic business development and management teams, while showing respect and sincerity to employees, contractors, and end users we serve.

I have a spirit and drive to never give up and pursue business structures with not just profit as the goal, but also social entrepreneurship. I work every day to become a change maker, and want to impact the global community by providing all laborers working in unhealthy or highly particulate environments without an adequate level of respiratory protection a better way to breathe. My goal is to provide equal access to safety for all, especially those working for the benefit of another man. My life pursuit is to bring all people affordable respiratory equipment to ensure the world has easier, safer methods of breathing.